So ein Ding muss ich auch live haben by QUARTz

2010 WhyPlayJazz (RS003), MP3 Album Download

QUARTz »So ein Ding muss ich auch live haben«

Track listing

  1. So ein ding muss ich auch haben  9:13
  2. Odense Boldklub  4:15
  3. Frank, Frank, Frank!  6:49
  4. Nok nok  6:25
  5. Miss Hugstable  4:05
  6. Bruce Willis  10:19
  7. Eternal Interlude  7:06
  8. Langélu  8:24
  9. Good Plön  9:40


Kasper Tom Christiansen (dr), Mads la Cour (cor, flh, hrn), Frederik Vedersø (git), Andreas Lang (b)

Production credits

Recorded live April 15th, 2007, at Medienwerkstatt, Greifswald (Germany). Camera: Björn Nietzsche, Heiko Krause, Michael Soltau. Sound: Alexander Klein. Editor: Michael Soltau. DVD Authoring: Suse Möhring.

In Kasper Tom Christiansen and Andreas Lang on drums and bass, QUARTz has a cooking rhythm section to support the virtuoso trumpet solos of Mads la Cour, and Frederik Vedersø contributes to the distinct sound of the band with his melodic guitar playing and rock sound.
Not only as humans, but also musically, QUARTz is a group of strong individual personalities which comes to show in the complex repertoire. The sound of jazz is interrupted by rock-inspired pieces and melancholic soundscapes. The free element in the music make way for the outstanding soloists of QUARTz to move in new directions and expand the musical borders a little bit during each concert.

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So ein Ding muss ich auch haben
(2007, CD)