Zwitschermaschine: rarely does a band’s name so accurately construe the sort of music that a group plays. In 1922 German painter Paul Klee conceived the eponymous painting – four birds sit on a wire (or is it a sine-wave branch?) connected to a hand-crank. With drawn necks, wide-open beaks and jagged and rounded objects flowing from their mouths, they peer in different directions. The freedom of song converges with the discipline of mechanics. Known as the "Twittering Machine", in English, it fits to alto saxophonist Mark Weschenfelder’s play as he conjoins the four wind instruments, which in turn are cranked-up by the rhythm section. The music is as original as the painting. With its beautifully unorthodox style, the band’s sound is defined by two flutes that flicker, glitter, twitter, in front of, beside, or with saxophone, trombone, guitar, bass and drums. Weschenfelder's compositions offer immense flexibility and range. He doesn’t copy American musical styles, just as he stays away from writing material that might encourage improvisational grandstanding. He loves to keep the music compact, colorful, and dynamic. For Weschenfelder the principle of improvisation is vital, but you’re not going to find him repeating a new musical riff just because it’s convenient.


Zwitschermaschine »System for Us«

System for Us

2019 WhyPlayJazz (WPJ047)
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Expected August 30, 2019

Track listing

  1. Miniatur  6:24
  2. Zustände  7:12
  3. Unisono I, II, III  10:21
  4. Kein Unisono (Intro)  1:57
  5. Kein Unisono  8:12
  6. The Dax  7:04
  7. Hocket  5:00



  • Nov 08, 2019 - Leipzig, DE @ LeipJAZZig Festival/Theaterhaus Schille

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