Double Identity by Simon Kanzler

2016 WhyPlayJazz (RS027), CD + MP3 Album Download

Simon Kanzler »Double Identity«

Track listing

  1. Tropfen… gefroren  6:27
  2. Treppenhaus  5:11
  3. Doktor Faustus  8:29
  4. Glas  6:53
  5. Die Wand  5:18
  6. Broken White  8:57
  7. Double Identity I. Rhythm  4:52
  8. Double Identity II. Harmony  9:18
  9. Double Identity III. Polyphony  9:14


Simon Kanzler (vibraphone), Elias Stemeseder (piano), Max Andrzejewski (drums), Igor Spallati (bass), Max Mucha (bass); Chamber Ensemble: Chatschatur Kanajan (conductor), Benjamin Weidekamp (clarinet), Florian Bergmann (bass clarinet), Elvira van Groningen (violin), Clémence De Forceville (violin), Karen Lorenz (viola), Sirja Nironen (violoncello), Antonis Anissegos (piano)

Production credits

All compositions by Simon Kanzler. Recorded January 2015 at Studio P4, Berlin, Germany. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jean-Boris Szymczak. Cover photo by Manfred Emmenegger-Kanzler. Artwork by Natalie van Sasse van Ysselt.

Simon Kanzler comes from the burgeoning scene of the collective of young musicians in Berlin, KIM. The music of his album Double Identity lets mystical pictures arise. The soundscapes of the vibraphonist fuse with the piano playing by emergent Elias Stemeseder. Double identities everywhere – with two basses and the gentle textures of the drums. Chamber ensemble included!

Empty spaces, frozen droplets, hazy hallways, surreal staircases, glass broken by light. These and others are the mystical scenes and pictures that arise when listing to the music of Simon Kanzler’s Double Identity. The music leads the listener towards dreamlike scenes under the surface of everyday reality. It explores gloomy worlds of sound between contemporary chamber music and improvised music. Gentle, lyrical sounds that remind us of late pieces by Morton Feldman are contrasted with energetic, rock-like moments.
Simon Kanzler crosses borders, he is a flaneur between different worlds of music who does not feel obliged to one single style. As a composer he tries to establish connections between opposite and sometimes contradictory elements. He feels at home in both, in the 20th century classical music scene as well as in the burgeoning scene of the collective of young musicians in Berlin, KIM. The latter is similarly committed to musical pluralism.
Composing for improvising musicians is especially exciting to Kanzler since they develop the material freely and penetrate it with their own individuality.
On this occasion the subtle piano playing by Elias Stemeseders (known from his cooperation with Jim Black) should be highlighted. He amazingly understands to transcend the compositional material through his own individuality.
His piano playing fuses with the soundscapes of the vibraphone of Simon Kanzler, as do the two basses. Igor Spallati and Max Mucha complement each other sensitively.
Therefore double identities emerge, that are being supplemented by the edgy and gentle textures of Max Andrzejewski´s drums.
For the title piece “Double Identity” a chamber ensemble is added to the band. In this context the influences of 20th century classical music are even more noticeable. The large-scale piece has been derived from a short melody and reminds us of late works by Karlheinz Stockhausen. In this case improvisation is of great importance as well.
Next to a few chamber musician appear Benjamin Weidekamp (clarinet), Florian Bergmann (bass clarinet) and Antonis Anissegos (piano) as improvisers.


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