Condensation occurs when a substance turns from one state into another. This very complex process releases energy to the environment. Evaporation, compression and compaction: All these are words that justify the name of the trio around Gebhard Ullmann, Oliver Potratz and Eric Schaefer and describe this truly new music.
A fusion of analogue and digital, combining experiences from the fields of jazz with new technologies, creating transitions from one into the other, without forgetting about the audience. In fact, energy is released to the audience. There are no direct comparisons for this lively and fun music. Perhaps there are some pioneers of the rock, world and jazz avant-garde shining through these fresh sounds, reacting to our beautiful new world.
Das Kondensat jumps from the museum to a “now” that is far from diverse orthodox doctrines. This is also jazz, but only among other things. Curiosity is the lust for new things. That is what all this is about. Sometimes with a rocking and punching, sometimes with a melodious and balladic access, generated with new media in new contexts. The trio’s music results from years of continuity, making use of advanced measures without losing its anarchic way of non-pretending.
This discursive trialogue music develops its very own dynamic. The trio format has a long history as it offers vast open spaces. Ullmann, Potratz and Schaefer dominate the indispensable art of acting and reacting, of guiding and being guided by the other, of formulating a common vision left in the open.


Das Kondensat »Das Kondensat«

Das Kondensat
Das Kondensat

2017 WhyPlayJazz (RS036)
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Track listing

  1. Variations On A Master Plan #3  6:27
  2. Lady In The Sky  2:40
  3. Ich atme Luft von anderen Planeten  3:46
  4. Dubbing with Guy  3:38
  5. Shox  2:50
  6. Grizzly Bear  2:12
  7. Desert... Bleue... East  4:45
  8. Rugged  2:26
  9. Five Slash Seven  2:49
  10. Kitsch #2  4:11
  11. Ich atmete Luft von anderen Planeten  4:02



  • Oct 21, 2017 - Bielefeld, DE @ Bunker Ulmenwall
  • Dec 11, 2017 - Berlin, DE @ Jazz Units Festival


  • Jan 12, 2018 - Darmstadt, DE @ Gewölbekeller im Jazzinstitut
  • Jan 25, 2018 - Berlin, DE @ Aufsturz
  • Jan 26, 2018 - Jena, DE

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